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Loss Reserve Analyses
  • Evaluation of unpaid losses and loss adjustment expense reserves
  • Analysis of reinsurance recoverable
  • Analysis of adverse development (reserve variability)
  • Confidence level reserving
  • Statements of Actuarial Opinion
  • Projected payment patterns and reserve discounting
  • Calculation of reserve durations
  • Loss and LAE reserves as of year end for tax purposes using IRS interest rates and payment patterns
Ratemaking Analyses
  • Analysis of loss experience
  • Analysis by rating territory and classifications
  • Analysis of competitive position within the marketplace
Funding Analyses
  • Projection of future expected losses
  • Claim cost and frequency trends
  • Projection of cash flows
  • Quantification of risk
  • Evaluation of reinsurance covers
Group Self-insurance
  • Determine funding plans
  • Evaluation of the cost/benefit tradeoff of various SIR's on the funding plan
  • Evaluate the efficacy of aggregate excess reinsurance (effect on confidence level, probability of attachment, probability of exceeding coverage)
  • Determine the effect on expected losses and risk due to various levels of deductibles
  • Development of experience rating plans
  • Development of return policies
  • Development of return distribution formulae
  • Analysis by rating classification, to assist the client in its loss prevention efforts and rate setting decisions
Data Management Services
  • Claims system evaluation
  • Data integrity analysis consultation
  • On-site data management instruction forums
  • Data reporting consultation
  • Automated data balancing abilities